What Is Copy Trading? (Explanation of the “Copy Trade” Feature)

What Is Copy Trading? (Explanation of “Copy Trade” Feature)

One of the unique pieces of functionality featured on 4Bulls is called “Copy Trade” (“Copy Trading”). Copy Trading is a piece of functionality that enables an individual or group of individuals to automatically copy positions that are opened and managed by another individual or group of individuals. Below is a list of the steps that are involved in the 4Bulls Copy Trading process.

API Connection to an Exchange

Before engaging in the Copy Trade process, each user has to establish a connection between the 4Bulls platform and his or her account on an external exchange. One example could be Binance.

Let us assume that you have an account on Binance and that you want your cryptocurrency to be traded on that exchange via the Copy Trade feature. You would need to connect your Binance exchange account to the 4Bulls platform. To do this, you would go to the settings on Binance, create a new API key (with limited access to trading only), and use your public and private keys to connect your Binance account to your 4Bulls account.

Copy Trade Leaders

If you want to be a copy trade leader and profit from your signals by sharing them with other traders, you would need to first create your Copy Trade channel before attracting subscribers to it. After other traders subscribe to your Copy Trade channel, you will start receiving profits from your followers’ monthly subscriptions as well as cuts from their relevant copy trade profits.

To create a Copy Trade channel, you would need to click on “Copy Trade.” Then, click on “Create New Channel.” Finally, fill out the electronic form by following the instructions.

When your channel is created, you can start trading and sharing your signals with other traders. Use the “Smart Trade” interface to automate your trading settings. If you would like to share your signals with other traders, then check the box “Allow my subscribers to copy trade.” If the box is checked, then your signals will automatically be shared with your subscribers. The system will auto-place buy/sell/stop-loss orders for all of the relevant copy traders to replicate your steps. Please note that in order to maintain your “Trusted Account” status, you will need to risk your own money during each copy trade.

Copy Trade Followers

To become a copy trade follower, you can subscribe to Copy Trade channels of your choice by clicking on “Copy Trade” and subscribing to a preferred trader channel. Each Copy Trade channel displays historical performance statistics, the monthly subscription price, and the trader cut % (which is individually determined by the channel’s trader). In addition to being able to see the general performance and price information for a Copy Trade channel, you will also be able to review the monetary requirements that you will need to meet in order to be a part of the channel’s copy trading process. In some cases, copy trade followers may be required to have at least $1,000 available for trades or no more than $50,000 allocated for trading. In other cases, there could be limits on the number of people who are allowed to subscribe to a specific Copy Trade channel.

Remember, profitable traders care about their reputations. Thus, they will consider many factors before onboarding their followers. One such factor could be volatility; too much volume can negatively affect the market and, therefore, the trades as well. On 4Bulls, copy trade leaders are able to better control their environments by creating additional filters for their subscribers.


To diversify their trades, copy trade followers can choose to subscribe to multiple Copy Trade channels. If you are a copy trade follower, you can review metrics and choose the trading style that best fits your risk tolerance so that you can manage your portfolio the way that you prefer.

The 4Bulls Team

The 4Bulls Team

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